Sep 27

Formula One Racing, the Sport with High Advance Technology

Formula One RacingFormula One Racing is, quite simply, the paramount of karting. It is the professional form of the sport in its entirety. Formula One is an international phenomenon, a media conglomerate that rakes in millions and millions of dollars a year from advertising, sponsorship, and broadcast revenues.

Professional drivers with millionaire bank accounts race these majestic kart marvels that are unprecedented, flush with technological luxuries – everything from hard to produce lightweight frames that glide the machine to tires with unsurpassed grooving style that exemplify powerful movement on the circuit.

In order to better become acquainted with Formula One racing, we must understand its organization. Formula One is divided into drivers & their respective teams. Under such trademark car companies like Renault, Ferrari, and Toyota – each driver has an assembling cast of staffers consisting of mechanics, engineers, and designers all working towards one goal: to make that speedster faster using all the resources at their disposal.

Headed by team bosses that are adept at creating sponsorship opportunities and assembling the best cast for each team, Formula One employs the finest specialists in the business with backgrounds in computer and automobile – even specialists with aerospace experience! High end, (rare technology reserved for space projects) in some instances, create the fastest and most efficient car possible.

Formula One cars can be summed up in two words: technological marvels. These sleek, low riding gems ripping through laps at speeds topping 200 mph. consist of more than just a chassis, an engine, and four wheels. For starters, the engine is located behind the cockpit as opposed to standard automobiles.

They consist of 10 cylinder engines that produce heat which propel the kart forward. Team engineers are always looking into ways to make their engines more powerful. Currently, 1000 bhp (a scale for horsepower) has not been topped – it is up to the teams to produce an engine which would fare well supporting speed as well as support the chassis.

Construction of Formula One race cars is unprecedented. The first rule of thumb in designing a bonafide piece of framework is to make it weigh as least as possible. Less kart weight correlates to faster speeds. For this reason, team brains use lightweight material that is hard to construct.

The minimum weight of a kart must be 600 kg including the driver. This ensures a level playing field, although teams are allowed to keep their money making construction methods a secret from other teams. Team staff is very highly regarded in the Formula One business.

Their technological and dynamical know-how of the machines they build is a valuable asset to any team. And like free agents, they are lured and signed by the likes of companies creating a recruiting war for their services.

Of course, there are restrictions for creating karts. You cannot add nitro boosts to your machine or use technology that resembles life in the year 3000. Teams are always looking to bend the rules slightly and coming up ways to beat the competition legally.

Professional kart tires have to have optimum characteristics to ensure smooth driving. For one, tires have to have grooving technology built into them. For the novices, grooves are indented lines in tires that allow for it to slow down considerably on turns and to adapt to the track surface.

No matter what the technology, kart tires are simply not adept at withstanding the rigors of asphalt, concrete, and dirt. For this reason, Formula One racers are allotted two pit stops during the course of a 57 lap race to change tires.

If you’ve ever watched a Formula One race, team staffers with lightning quick hands have an extremely limited time for which to remove and replace tires in the pit stop – often times not exceeding over 7 seconds! Regulations are placed on tire grooves (a minimum of four) to allow for an even playing field for all racers. Remember enthusiasts, grooves serve more to slow down the kart than to speed it up.

Chassis construction with its illustrious carbon fiber material, tires with indented grooves, team specialists with a knack for speed, and engines which burn heat like calories is the epitome of a Formula One race car.

All of these attributes contribute to the performance of the vehicle in racing lap after lap. As a result of all this technology, Formula One cars leave people breathless reaching consistent speeds of 200 mph. on the race track. More impressive is the time needed to go from 0 mph to 100 mph – 5 seconds!

Formula One is only moving forward with the advent of new features – like improved horsepower engines, more lightweight materials, new ballasts to add weight to the car, and more. Behind that stylish, mind blowing chassis that pique our interest is that top-class technology that makes Formula One racing so great.

Sep 26

Michael Ornstein Was In-Charge Of Managing The Arrangements Of New Orleans Saints

Michael Ornstein took care of the Miami special ops. He managed all the pre-Super Bowl arrangements and campaign for New Orleans Saints which was playing against the team of New York Giants. He also arranged tickets, made travel plans and appointed rooms to all the members of the team. When he was the in-charge of managing the arrangements, he offered the players a lot more than little bottles of shampoo and free stationery. Michael arranged huge baskets in the room of every player which were filled with different kinds of goodies such as energy drinks, popcorns, candies, etc. He also provided them gift cards from Morton’s steakhouse, Subway sandwich shops and Cold Stone Creamery. Later, he was appointed the in-charge of New York Giants and helped the team players and their families.

He completed his education from Indiana State University-School of Business. Currently, Michael Ornstein lives in LA but he was born in New York. Presently, he is the President and owner of Jackson Sports Advisors, LLC. This company is located in the greater Los Angeles area. Before this, he was the owner of SportsLink which is a privately held company for more than 7 years. Besides this, he was the owner and President of CWC Sports for a period of 6 years and 10 months. He served for thirteen years with Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders and while working there, he attended the Super Bowl a few times. He is a marketing agent and a brand consultant who connects endorsement deals with sports figures.

For many years, Michael Ornstein helped an assortment of teams and handled the daunting logistics of the Super Bowl. He was a key asset to the New Orleans Saints as he knows how to make things work in the world of pro-sports. He helped the Saints win the Super Bowl which is ranked as one of the most overwhelming experiences for a football team (especially for that team which has not entered the Super Bowl for many years–or never). Along with this there is a lot of pressure on the players of the team to perform well on the ground as they know that the whole world is seeing them as they win or lose. In addition, there is one more difficulty that rises during the Super Bowl that includes the struggle for psychological dominance off the field i.e. equally important but most people do not know about it.

Sep 21

What Is Orienteering?

OrienteeringDo you know what Orienteering is? It is one of the most thrilling activities available for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and here’s the good news – it’s inexpensive. If you enjoy spending time out of doors and you are looking to break out of your regular routine, Orienteering may be the challenge you’ve been hoping for. Thousands of men, women and children around the country are addicted to the mental and physical rush of Orienteering. Let’s find out why.

First off, what is orienteering? Orienteering is an outdoor sport where you use a map and a compass to find your way through a cross-country style course either leisurely or competitively. Here’s basically how it works: By using only a compass and a map, participants will move from one control point to another until reaching the end of the course.

Each participant – an orienteer – uses a special device, a unique one is located at each control point, to mark their scorecard thus proving they have actually visited the required control points. The orienteer, who reaches the finish line first, with all control points visited, is the winner. Sounds easy don’t it? So what’s the catch?

There are two main challenges to the sport. First, the route is not marked. Therefore the orienteer must personally navigate from control point to control point using only a compass and a map. To successfully do this, you will always need to know how far you have traveled and in what direction.

Their map, provided at the event, gives detailed information on the terrain such as hills, landmarks, bodies of water and other obstacles. Secondly, to be successful in orienteering, the orienteer needs excellent map reading skills, the ability to focus mentally and the ability to make decisions. If the event is competitive, all of this is done as fast as possible.

The most popular type of Orienteering is Foot Orienteering – abbreviated as Foot-O – and it is an Olympic sport. World-class Foot-O athletes typically have endurance and strength characteristics similar to marathon runners. Other Orienteering types include Mountain Bike, Skiing, Trail, and Night Orienteering.

To find out more information on Orienteering in your city, contact the United States Orienteering Federation or visit our online Education Center. Competitive orienteering has been called the “thinking sport” and has been likened to “running while playing chess.”

With Orienteering, you’ll improve your problem solving skills, your decision making skills and you will push yourself to new levels of accomplishment. All while having a great time. While leisure Orienteering is not nearly as fast paced or as pressure-packed as competitive Orienteering, you’ll still get an adrenaline rush when you’ve successfully found your way through the course – and that’s why Orienteering is Hot! Use this information and you’ll Get It Right the First Time. Get Outdoors!

Sep 14

Weight Training For Muscle Building

Weight Training For Muscle BuildingWeight training is one of the most important parts of your life-long exercise program. In fact, the American College of Sports Medicine now recommends weight training for every adult. The sooner you start weight training, the more muscle you’ll keep. It’s a use-it-or-lose-it phenomenon.

Weight training is also a great area in which to practice mental imagery. You can imagine your muscles getting firmer and bigger as you perform your weight training exercises. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how this simple tool will help keep you motivated, and will help yield a higher return on your exercise investment!

Keep in mind, building muscles by lifting weights does more than make you look and feel better. It speeds up your metabolism! This is great news to anyone who’s trying to lose weight or get fit. Lifting weights also gives you more energy, allows you to eat more food, and recaptures lost youth.

Weight training also increases bone density more than activities like swimming or even running. By stressing the major bones in the body, weight training offers tremendous protection against the thinning of bones, or osteoporosis. And, by building more muscle, you protect your joints as well. For instance, squats strengthen the knee joint by building stronger, firmer ligaments and muscles.

For a weight training program to be effective, you will need to exercise between three and five days per week. You will need to exercise each muscle group with weights, at least once a week, or preferably twice. For example…arms twice, shoulders twice, legs twice, chest twice, etc. Abdominal muscles will be exercised two to three times a week.

So, to assure the safety and effectiveness of your workout, you may want to consider using a personal trainer at least once to help you design the proper exercise routine and sequence for your body type. A personal trainer will show you the proper way to do each and every exercise, and help you get things done effectively.